3rd Train-the-Foot-Trainer course

Dear Colleagues.

Diabetic foot is the diabetes related complication, imposing high financial and psychological burden on the patient as well as on society. Along with the alarming rise of diabetes occurrence in the world, the diabetic foot complications are in a steep rise as well. 
Therefore, it is of the utmost importance for all the stakeholders involved in the diabetes treatment, to implement the newest available knowledge and therapies into daily clinical practice and patient care and to develop sustainable programs and practice to tackle the problem in effective way.
Identifying the need to equip experts in the diabetic foot to deliver effective, well structured, sustainable diabetic foot training programmes with demonstrable outcomes,the Step by Step Development and Research Group (SSDRG) of the IWGDF initiated the idea at the end of 2010 of developing the Train the Foot Trainer course.The aim is to reach more regions in a shorter period  and to respond in an efficient way to the demands.
The first pilot projects were the TtFT courses held in the SACA (South and Central America) region in December 2012 and the Caribbean Region TtFT course in June 2013 in Tobago.
Today we can conclude to have a good success: 13 of the 14 countries of the SACA developed their own implementation programme for the coming 2, 5 years. Some of them started a BASIC course already and all developed a full plan of action. Sustainability is secured so far in the SACA region after 12 months. So far more then 1000 healthcare providers got their training.
The Train the Foot Trainer program was initiated and is organised by IWDG and IDF. It makes us proud and we feel honored, that the initiative is endorsed by so many European associations, related to diabetes care and wound care.
Such an initiative has never been supported by so many organizations for the diabetic foot care before. This co-operation means that all the organizations committed themselves to support a good outcome for the next 2,5 years and for a good sustainability. At the end we do believe that by this we will be able to have a very good networking in Europe for this DF care and that we will be able to reduce the number of amputations and at the same time will improve quality of  life for this patients suffering on their feet.
The  TtFT Eur course is endorsed by: EASD, DFSG, DESG, FEND, UNMF, EWMA, IDF Eur.